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Welcome to the Shovel Knight Wiki Page. Shovel Knight focuses on classic 2D side scrolling gaming dynamics and features a namesake hero. The game has several modes such as multi-player brawls and story completion.

Shovel Knight is an interesting game with a number of unique concepts and as such at Gameiki we took the time out to thoroughly "comb with a fine tooth" important aspects of the game from characters to specific events.

In general a 2D scrolling adventure game offers a linear game play centered around monotony with increased difficulty but, Shovel Knight is quite different in several ways, something that can be credited to its developers, YatchClub Games. The hero, Shovel Knight is just one of many playable characters with a hosts of other options to choose from with their own unique weapons and abilities although they are unavailable for use in story mode at this point.

Shovel Knight isn't just about the main character and its playable counterparts, as every 2D side scrolling gamer can testify, there is simply no good game of this context without an evil adversary, a deliberate play on oxymoron perhaps? But what we do know is the quality of villain has a lot to do with the overall gaming experience. Fortunately for Shovel Knight and perhaps unfortunately for its players, the game is based around a clan with a powerful leader who specializes in the dark arts. It will simply not be your average walk in the park.

Luckily it isn't all doom and gloom when it comes to completing the quest as there will be several sprites to help you along the way offering many treats such as treasures and items to bolster your chances of conquering the enemy at the peak of your powers.

Traditionally you'll find that most 2D side scrolling adventure games feature few items to reduce complexity or maintain a rather narrow focus. Shovel Knight goes beyond that and provides a host of items from consumables to armors. 

This is just a taste of the information you can find at Gameiki regarding Shovel Knight, if you were having a three course meal, this would only be the appetizer. There is a lot more information to digest so feel free to browse around the pages and help yourself to our wide selection. We work assiduously in researching so that our updates remain beneficial. It is with this philosophy that we aim to set ourselves apart from the ordinary. So, enjoy the wiki and feel free to provide feedback wherever you believe it may be necessary. We are always open to opinions which aids both insight and improvement.


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