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There are tons of Items in Shovel Knight. You can choose to purchase and or find Items. The use of each varies widely spanning from damage infliction to health replenishing.


Relics are permanent items that Shovel Knight can buy or obtain during the game. With the exception of the Chalice, relics consume magic points when used.

There is one relic hidden in a blue chest in each stage. When you open the blue chest, Chester the merchant pops out, and you can buy the relic from him. If you clear a stage without finding or buying the stage's relic, you can buy it from Chester in the village.

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Armor upgrades can be bought in blacksmith shop in the Armor Outpost on the world map after defeating the first two boss knights. You can only wear one armor upgrade at a time, but you can return to the blacksmith at any time to change between armor upgrades. Any armor upgrade you previously purchased will cost zero to re-equip again.

Health Oriented Items

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Miscellaneous Items

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