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2D gaming fans get ready! Shovel Knight is a classic side scrolling game featuring dozens of game modes from story challenges to multi-player brawls. Experience the thrills and obstacles in a world where the objective is clear - defeat your enemies and save your love.

Shovel Knight Wiki is the most thorough Wiki. This guide provides all the information you will need to get started in your quest to rescue and conquer.

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Shovel Knight

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Video Game

Caption An action packed 2D Side Scrolling Platform Game
Developer YatchClub Games
Release Spring, 2014
Platforms PC / Steam / Linux / Mac/WiiU/3DS
Genre Action/Adventure
Modes Single-Player, Multiplayer



Shovel Knight is a classic adventure game with memorable characters and straight forward missions. You complete each stage as the game's hero "Shovel Knight" who has only two goals:

  • Defeat the evil enchantress.
  • Save his beloved.

He specializes in an ancient weapon form, Shovelry, that has been around for centuries. Always honest and helpful, Shovel Knight is a quintessential example of the philosophy he lives by: Slash Mercilessly, Dig Tirelessly.


A 2D Side Scrolling Platform game that features classical 8 bit graphics. There are several modern graphical gaming techniques with a strong focus on parallax scrolling.

Game Modes

Shovel Knight features four gaming modes:
  • Story Mode - You are Shovel Knight and your objective is simple - defeat the evil enchantress and save your beloved.

  • Gender Swap Mode- This mode features a character gender change with a slight change to the story line. The only question which remains, can you defeat the evil enchanter?

  • Challenge Mode - A comprehensive batch of challenge rooms featuring a variety of mini quests. Challenges vary from endurance oriented scenarios to time-lapsed endeavours.

  • 4 Player Battle Mode - A couch co-op game mode where up to four players can engage in several categories of multi-player modes. Friends can "settle the score" racing to the end of the stage, battle for items and gems or simply remain as the last man standing.

About YatchClub Games

An independent game development studio located in Valencia, California. Their primary goal is to create fun and engaging games not just for a single person but for friends and family a like. The modus operand is to resurrect that "feel good" factor that was associated with games over a decade ago.


The project was funded 415% by 14749 backers, raising a sum of $311,502 on April 13 2013.


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