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In Shovel Knight treasures are an absolute necessity. It is used to buy items, potions among other goodies. There are various kinds of treasures inclusive of gems and bags of gold. Each gem/bag comes with its unique amount of coins.

Types of Treasure

File 3e8647e202c5bf6023adf22e390c41c9.png Adds 5 coins

File 6983067cd27b1caad1afe7f8eb3d8461.png Adds 10 coins

File 7a4efcc402e778d615e98c6d767ed11a.png Adds 20 coins

File a9f6e7eb3654310078885c98b0cdfa8e.png Adds 50 coins

File 44ae4d52cdba080e2ce51f75ddfebf50.png Adds 200 coins

File 733a0f2d5dd4b88dcbd1b10497d0c6c5.jpg Adds 239 coins


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